Rank Multiple keywords with a single page? How hard is it?


Hello Guys,

I am about to start a website on blogger(will be migrated to wordpress after having good results).I have to rank multiple keywords(say some 15-20 keywords with low comp).And one more thing i am interested in displaying the total content within a single webpage(The page is updated daily or once in a week) that mean i have to rank 15-20 different keywords with a single blog post.

which of the following things is better?

1)Is it ok with a single page.if yes,what are your suggestions for ranking 15-20 keywords with in a single post.
2)should i write posts for each and every kwyword?

which is better?

ps:All the keywords which i wanted to rank are a kind of my main keywords and i want to display the direct click options (Here i am not talking about internal linking)to the users from the first page itself.Hence i thought to rank all keywords with a single page.

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Are you talking about Event Blogging mate? :slight_smile: Ranking for 15-20 keywords with a single post website is possible, but again, it depends on the keyword strength.


No bro,its not an direct event blog.Its a affiliate blog.completely for affiliate marketing i.e promoting a brand products and i just to display the home page with offer and then the link and so i want to rank the single page with some multiple keywords.

All are long tail keywords.
some keywords have 300-700 searches per month
some have 1500+ searches


Cool bro, got it. If you are going to target a specific brand’s product as an affiliate, then I would suggest you make your blog as a perfect resource for that. Manage it like a proper blog with all the possible helpful blog posts. I’m sure this will help you to rank easily, and at the same time, if you plan to sell this blog in future, the buyer will be impressed by the content authority for the product. :slight_smile:


so its better to write for each and every keyword ? :slight_smile:


If I have a blog about say “iPhone accessories”, then I’m sure I’ll be having plenty of pages in my blog related to keywords like “iPhone travel accessories”, “Best iPhone Cases”, “Tempered Glass vs Scratch Guard”, and all the related keywords bro… this is how I usually plan my strategy. :slight_smile:


Got it bro . Let me do the same.Thank you :slight_smile: