Questions Related to Web Designing




I was wondering whether, how can one create sites like the one in the above link or something similar with WordPress or some other CMS that can be great for such types of site.

I am a non-coder, so coding isn’t an option, but I’ll soon learn to code, but for now, CMS is maybe a way to go. :slight_smile:



If you wish to create it, you can do that using any default website builders bro, GoDaddy and Wix, they have such tools, but when you want to customize it further… edit it… you badly need to understand coding… but that’s not difficult, start with HTML & CSS, then move to PHP and MySQL (for database). :slight_smile:


HTML and CSS ain’t a problem, I can survive well, with the knowledge that I have about them :stuck_out_tongue:
PHP is maybe the next step I should start!

I got a domain with a trick you have mentioned bro, it does come with the website builder! Should I start using that builder or should I opt for WordPress? :slight_smile:

PS: I don’t need a basic one but a dedicated one and with more freedom to edit :slight_smile:


I would suggest you try (not bro… you can use any basic web hosting plan for this. This WordPress platform gives you the freedom to experiment with your theme as much as you want. :slight_smile:

Or you can install XAMPP and use WordPress locally on your computer, you can do the editing work via this as well.


I suppose I’ll go with XAMPP and WordPress :slight_smile: BTW I am a freelance “Web Designer” but I work with WordPress only so wanted to expand my knowledge moving from WordPress :slight_smile: I iz Noob tho :stuck_out_tongue: