Query Regarding Tags Confusion for my site?


Can someone help me help how can i able to hide tags in my site ??
or if hide hide tags does it affect my SEO ??
Does its annoying one as a visitors after seeing tags in my website ??

  1. If you want to hide wordpress tags, then simple don’t assign any value to it, and it will not appear on your website.
  2. Tags generate duplicate and low quality webpages, which make SEO of your website low, other blogger use tags who does not worry about organic traffic for example any downloading website.
  3. It’s not annoying and annoying both, because it’s depend on type of blogs. If you think people will short out your specific blog post based on tags, then it’s good for user, otherwise user can short out post based on categories as well.

You have to spy on other website who’re in same niche and then decide yourself.


This is not true. One needs to understand the purpose of tags.

Tags if overused can cause problems. However, tags will help Google Crawlers to understand the contents of your website better. Also, they will be able to crawl your site a lot faster.

Just ensure that you are not using 100000000 tags. Use 1-3 tags that describes the topic of your article.

For example:

Look at the this thread itself.

it has one broad category tag: SEO

This helps Google to understand how well you have organized your contents.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


@uditgoenka Site crawl faster/lower have nothing to do with tags, Site crawl faster based on site speed, if you’ve place so many CSS, Javascript, Images and other assets, then surely Googlebot will take longer time to crawl.

If you mean, Site will crawl more often if you use tags, then there are also many crawler factors which Google using it. And if Googlebot crawl and index content regularly by using categories links and sitemap file, then why need to use tags?

Discourse is devloped by jeff, who is also one of co-founder of Stackoverflow and SE sites, where he used tags, so user can answer specific question on specific tag. And hence jeff inherits many functionality like SE on discourse as well.

Tags on wordpress have special purpose, to make searies of content, and by using categories, you can also do the same, hence I say OP to check other website who’re in same niche, so he can get some ideas. But if OP still want to use tags, then I recommended to use noindex meta tag on such a low quality pages.


Guys can you please take a look on my site
what i am doing wrong, result no visitors yet ??


Check out these two articles, it will clear the concept when to use the tags:

  1. https://yoast.com/category-seo/
  2. https://bloggingtips.guru/wordpress-categories-or-tags/

Hope this helps.


Hey bro. :slight_smile: See, in our forum, we have SEO as a category and Yoast SEO as a tag. Both are good for navigational purposes and if you feel like you don’t need to display your tags publicly, then you can freely disable them. But I would also suggest you de-index them so that they don’t appear in Google Search Results.