Private Blog Network: The Definite Guide




I am sure you have heard about this popular term recently.

In fact, every popular Indian Marketing Facebook Group has recently started initiating a talk about PBNs very extensively.

…but what is a PBN?

PBN Stands for Private Blog Network. It’s a bunch of High-Quality blog you own for SEO benefits.

Private Blog Network has given me amazing results over the course of last several years, and I have made over seven figures (In Dollars).

And in this guide, I will explain you everything you need to know about Private Blog Networks to help you get started.

##Getting Started

Private Blog Network is one of the most advanced SEO strategies that are used by companies, individuals, affiliates, small and med size company.

There are several advantages of using PBNs which I will cover in the next section of Benefits of PBNs.

To get started, here are what you will require:

  • An existing site with some SEO history. (PBNs are not recommended on a brand new site)
  • A good [On-Page SEO].(
  • Fantastic Contents. (You can read my SEO Copywriting Guide if you are struggling)
  • Very good structuring of your site.
  • Ability to Invest (Building High-Quality PBNs can get expensive: Will cover in a section, keep reading).
  • Have a lot of patience.

##Benefits of PBNs

Getting backlinks is tough. Let me re-frame that sentence. Getting High-Quality backlink is very tough. Some of the few options you have are Guest Posting, Outreaching.

But there are only so many sites that exist and getting links from them is even harder.

But now imagine you are working on a micro niche sites, chances of you landing guest post is extremely tough. In most cases, it would be impossible as no one wants their sites to a hundred percent affiliate site.

In such a case, PBNs can be a life saviour.

PBNs are nothing but a ton of extra blog you create just your Money Blog.

Here is a perfect representation of how a PBN looks like

==Pro Tip: Never buy PBN links from untrusted or cheap providers, you can seriously damage your website.==

PBNs are extremely handy and can fit in any tier of your link building strategy. Be it Tier 1 or Tier 2, they are fantastic and can make a massive difference.

To Keep it simple, here are the benefits of PBNs:

  • Always works! You will see a boost in your ranking every time you build one, and link back to your site.
  • Easy to build relevant PBNs for bigger and better ranking boost.
  • You are in complete control over your link building strategy.
  • Fit’s in all SEO strategy that you design with a guaranteed boost in the ranking.

##Myths About PBNs

There are plenty of rumours on the internet where people are talking about PBNs:

  • PBNs are Dead: No! They work great. As long as Google and search engine exists, PBNs will work amazingly well.
  • PBNs don’t work: They do. All the top companies initially relied heavily on PBNs to rank their blogs/websites before getting noticed. That’s when they started attracting a lot of natural links.
  • PBN is a Blackhat Strategy: No, it’s not a BlackHat SEO Strategy. If you are acquiring links in an illegal way then that falls under Blackhat SEO strategy. For eg: Hacking someone’s website, or providing nulled themes with your links hidden inside the theme. For me, PBNs are as safe as Guest Posting but with a little precaution (Footprints…that I will talk at the later part of this guide).
    Most SEO work typically falls under the Grey Hat Link Building Strategy.
  • Are PBNs Safe? Totally! PBNs, as I mentioned about, is yet another bunch of blogs that you own for SEO benefits. As long as you are adding a ton of quality articles (Preferably around 1500-3000 words article) they will do amazingly well in the SERPs.

##Avoid these PBN Footprints

I’ve created this amazing infographic that summons it all:

Image Source: GoPBN

I’m listing down all the possible footprints:

  • Avoid using SEO hosting, use PBN hosting instead.
  • Stay away from cheap hosting companies.
  • Block crawlers and spiders.
  • Have multiple SOA records.
  • Have different MX records.
  • Have different A records.
  • Have your servers in different locations.
  • Have a fantastic uptime.
  • Don’t write articles, write a blog post
  • Avoid thin contents.
  • Better and real silo site structure
  • Avoid the typical 500 words articles (Go with a minimum of 1500 word count stuffed with knowledge, and not words).
  • Say no to SPUN contents.
  • The link just once to your money site for every blog network you create.
  • Use multiple CMS, not just WordPress.
  • Use LSI keywords or Long Tail Keywords.
  • Give a name to your author
  • Use different Themes and Plugins
  • Re-create your website
  • Have images and youtube videos
  • Avoid using Google Analytics and Webmasters Tools (Or any Google Product including Chrome)
  • Get your professional logo done.
  • Avoid using the same images and videos
  • Get natural traffic.
  • Fix your broken links
  • Don’t use Advertisement Codes (You can do Amazon)
  • Create Social Media Accounts
  • Use multiple Registrars
  • Different domain and registration dates.
  • New, Expiring and expired domains
  • Backlink profile for your PBN
  • Use different TLDs
  • Have contact us, about us, legal and privacy policy pages
  • Avoid using Public Blog Networks
  • Have a real address

##Why are we building PBNs?

One of the curcial reason is Expired (or auction domains). These domains are extremely powerful in nature as they have links built to them.


When you grab the expired domains and build something on top of them, the links still exist as most websites often audit their site. Especially the big authority site. That’s fantastic for us!

Whenever you start building a blog on one of these expired domains, the link juice passes from that expired domain to your money site once you point to them because the referring domains still exist.

##Expired Domain for PBNs

One of challenging aspect of building good quality PBN is by acquiring quality Expired domains.

To make it very simple, I recently did a webinar for Bloggers world. Here is the link:

From all the necessary tools to finding your very first high-quality expired domains with all the metrics are explained.

##Setting Up your First PBN

When you are setting up your first PBN. Here are the few things you have to keep in mind on an immediate basis:

  • Different Host: Do not host your first PBN with your Money site. Get another hosting company on a different class IP address.
  • Find your expired domain: Before proceeding any further, grab your expired domain.
  • Start your WordPress: Other CMS can get overwhelming. Start your first PBN with WordPress. Wordpress is being used by 67% of the people who are using CMS in the world. Out of every 10 PBNs, you have built, have 6-7 on WordPress, rest on other CMS.
  • Setup Like a Regular Blog: Do not overstress about this. Just make it like any other blog that you are making but under a different persona.

###About C Class IP Hosting

Before we dig deeper into C Class IPs. Please refer to the image below to understand what A, B, C and D class IP address means.

When you host your blog on the same A, B, C but different D class then it’s pretty obvious to find out about your PBN.

To avoid that, have a good diversfication in class.

If you help with WordPress then you can go through the awesome tutorials written by @pradeepkumar bro on his HellboundBlogger’s WordPress tutorials blog section.

##Investment Required for PBN

It all comes down to money in the end.

SEO requires a decent investment if you are targeting difficult niches. PBN falls under the expensive SEO strategy. I will give you some estimated numbers before you make your decision:

Good hosting companies can cost you anywhere from $4-5/m to $9-10/m. There are only selected number of PBN Hosting providers available in the market.

Domains: If you are acquiring your own tool and proxies, then that can go up to $100/m. Only go with this option if you need more than 30-50 expired domains per month. You can buy expired domains for roughly around $50-150 per month depending on the stats. Avoid going for cheap sellers.

Website and Contents: A Premium WordPress theme will cost you around $20-50. Depends on where you are buying them from. While 1500 words article will roughly cost you around $30. Don’t go for those cheap $1/100 words article writer, they will often to do a terrible job.

##FAQs about PBNs

Here are some of the community questions that was asked in the HBB Group:

Q) What things to check before buying a PBN and their Standard Selling Price in this industry?
Answer: Do not buy links openly from the market unless you know the seller very well. There is no standard pricing because the prices really vary depending on a lot of stats.

Q) Can I use Cloudflare for all my PBNs?
Answer: Short answer NO! If you are using all Cloudflare then you are leaving a massive nameserver footprint behind.

Q) How do you do the link building of a PBN? Would you recommend GSA/SAPE links? I know you treat them as a new blog but what if someone wants an easy way out?
Answer: I generally keep the link building process minimal. I have done several Guest Posting for my PBNs to make them look even more natural. I would never use or recommend GSA or SAPE links. In SEO, there is no EASY WAY OUT!

Q) How do you move forward with buying PBN Links? So many people sell spammed links that might land a newbie in a penalty zone!
Answer: Buy from highly reputed members who have been around for years.

Q) Most importantly, What all SEO tactics should be done before using/making a PBN.
Answer: Try and acquire as many links as possible through some of the techniques like Moving Man Method, Skyscraper technique, Broken Link Building, Guest Posting, Outreaching etc…

Once you have solid foundation, then add PBNs to super charge your blog :slight_smile:

Q) Should we create a PBN of the expired domain only? Or should we buy new ones related to the same niche … how it affect the SEO?
Answer: You can do both. However, buying a new one will require a lot of work as you will have to do the link building from scratch.

Q) How should the old website be for eligibility to create a PBN?
Answer: I usually consider three years old above domain.

Q) What is the future of PBNs? Is there any limit till when we stop taking help of PBNs?
Answer: As long as Google exists, PBNs will exist :slight_smile:


PBNs can be a great and a perfect companion for your SEO strategy.

Have them anywhere and they will do wonders!

Still got questions?
(This blog will be edited frequently and more data will be added as you will be asking questions)

Reply to the post, and I will be happy to answer them!

…and if you have enjoyed the article, then do share it on Facebook or Twitter!

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