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Ever since we started our WordPress blog, we installed/uninstalled 100s of WordPress plugins all these years, but some of them remained forever. It’s time to see the list of WordPress Premium (Paid) Plugins we are using on our Slashsquare Blog Network including HellBound Bloggers (HBB).

In my Hacker Noon interview, I said these:

“If you want to make $1000 per month, you need to invest at least $100 per month. Without investments, you can’t get anything substantial in return.”

I will always agree with this. That’s one of the main reasons why we invested a lot in such WordPress plugins for upscaling our brand’s growth.

WordPress Premium (Paid) Plugins!

1. Ad Inserter Pro

This ad management plugin helps us to insert Google AdSense ads on our blog without violating any policies. We can avoid keeping our Advertisements near the images, and we can keep sufficient space between two ads.

2. Inline Related Posts PRO

This is an efficient “Related Posts” plugin which uses a CTA button along with the featured image. I can automatically or manually insert them wherever I want inside the articles.

3. KingSumo Giveaways

I purchased this via a recent AppSumo deal, haven’t personally tested it yet, but will do it soon on our blogs. Watch out for some awesome giveaways!

4. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Suggest by our HBB Group members, I purchased this again via AppSumo deal. This works pretty well, I can even optimize our theme files, and they load quickly now.

5. ThirstyAffiliates Pro

I can convert lengthy affiliate links into short ones like:

The best part is, I can get the Analytics data of this link along with event notifications and Amazon Import.

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6. VaultPress

This is a service by Automattic, the company behind WordPress. There are plenty of other options to automatically backup your blog, but I preferred VaultPress, because these guys know WordPress better than others, hopefully.

7. WP Coupons

This is a cool plugin which creates a separate page(s) for listing discounts/deals/offers along with your affiliate links. You can create such pages for Black Friday and Cyber Monday promos, which helps you to promote easily.

8. WP Rich Snippets

Schema” ratings are something which we shouldn’t avoid, at least, from this year. Google and Google users consider ratings/reviews as a useful way to validate content.

9. WP Rocket

Is this plugin special than others? Well, almost. Maybe? But, we have plenty of options here to experiment, and if you know what you are doing, then you can make the most out of this and optimize your website superbly.

10. Yoast SEO Premium

Probably the best WordPress plugin out there for SEO. The free version is more than enough, but if you have some money to invest, then don’t miss this.

11. Yoast SEO: Video

Along with the “All” tab, Google also has this “Videos” tab, if you want your articles to be indexed here, then this is a plugin you shouldn’t miss. This helps us to get extra traffic and optimize our videos for the web.

These are the ‘Premium/Paid’ WordPress Plugins I’m using for our Slashsquare Blog Network frequently. I’ll update this article whenever we use any other cool plugins. In another post, I’ll share the list of normal WordPress Plugins we are using as well. :slight_smile:

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Are you using any of these plugins? Which are the premium plugins you are using for your blogs? Do kindly share with us, please!

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