Pls suggest "Software Listing & Review" Wordpress Theme



I am looking for Wordpress Theme for a Website like:

But, unable to find much options. I found couple of Themes:
http:// demo . djmimi . net/themes/reviews/
http:// redirect . wpsoul . net

Most Themes that come up are Blogging Themes. I need it for website, something like: capterra. com.

If HBB community can suggest some themes or the keywords via which I can search for such themes that would be great.



Hi @vineet18del, have you tried this section in ThemeForest? :slight_smile:


Hi Pradeep,

Thanks for the prompt reply & taking initiative to help, as you do it always :slight_smile:
I havent tried the query string you suggested above. Although, I tried searching for review, rating, themes.

I’ll search for the theme via link you suggested. In the meanwhile, in case you come across any theme matching my requirement kindly do let me know.