Please Review My Blog :)

(Nitishk Gupta) #1

Hi, guys :slight_smile:
I am Nitishk Gupta, a blogger at The Blogging Arena where I post about Blogging, SEO related tips tricks.
Do check it out and let me know your suggestions and feedback :wink:
It’s a 25 days old domain but still getting some traffic :blush:
Thanks :heart:

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

Your blog looks good bro, just publish more content. :slight_smile:

And regarding your blog’s name… I would suggest you to grab “BloggingArena” and “TheBloggingArena” usernames on Social Media. It’ll help you to protect the brand in the long run.

(Nitishk Gupta) #3

Thanks, @pradeepkumar Bro :heart:
Yeah, I’ve already grabbed TheBloggingArena username.
Will look on other ones too.

Thanks again :slight_smile: