Platforms list For making Web2.0



Hi folks, I am making web 2.0s on 5-6 platforms which I know from past.
But I heard that there are more than 100+ platforms from where I can make 100+ web 2.0s each from each platform.
so i was searching for the platforms on google, but unable to find them.If anyone has platforms list can share with me :slight_smile:
Thanks !


There are plenty of spammy Web 2.0 portals out there bro, don’t risk your site’s quality by using them. You can try HubPages, eHow, Wikia, issuu, Xing, Storify, Slashdot, etc… plus, you can try these social bookmarking websites:


Instead of having low quality WEB 2.0 Its better to have 5-10 quality one’s bro. Here one of the complete guide regarding this