PBN and Expired Web 2.0



Hello Guys I Just Want To Know tht How Many PBNs And Web 2.0 ( With High Backlinks Profile ) are required to rank an any event site. Topic is not inrtstd but i need to know that for an experiment​:blush::blush:
Event Like New Year :joy:


Hi bro, I guess @uditgoenka can help you with this? :slight_smile:


Thank you bro n is he active in this forum


I’ll share this thread with him soon bro, as soon as he is free. :slight_smile:


Oh thts great bro thnk u very much :blush:


It is really a difficult thing to predict. You personally need to test it.

Let’s take a niche with a very less competition. First add some authority links like profiles, comments and do what else you can do to get some TRUSTED links. Now, check the serp. If you get struck in second page or so, now point some web 2.0 expired domains. Do it slowly. Add 2 first then check the serp. If the serp increases then repeat. When you hit #1 then those number of expired web 2’s you need for that event keyword.

Same with pbn. Build slowly then come to conclusion.

Hope it helps!



Sounds good thnk u buddy i will try this


Hi, @Naveendagar Yes, I am active on the forums, because @pradeepkumar bro has created an awesome forum :smiley:

There are several factors that you need to keep in mind…

1) What’s your Budget?

PBNs and Web 2.0 can get very expensive. Does your budget permit you to use them? If Yes, then you need to look into your ROI. Would build your own PBNs and Web 2.0 worth the investment to rank Event sites?

2) The ROI

As I mentioned above, calculate your ROI. You need to have some basis. PBNs will definitely help you give a tremendous boost in ranking, but can get inexpensive.

3) Looking Term vs Short Term Event Sites

What kind of keywords are you target? Happy New Year or Happy Year Year 2017 (Year).

If you pick option one, then that is long term and investing into PBNs would be completely worth it for you to build your own PBNs.

…but what if they are for short term?

Instead of building PBNs, opt to purchase links from Quality PBN seller. It will cost you anywhere between $5-20 per link, but would be totally worth it.

Also, you can purchase expired web 2.0 and purchase contents and build on them. This won’t be much expensive.

Here is a pro tip: Don’t build all your Web 2.0 on expired sub-domains. Mix them with new ones to look legit.

If you still have any questions then let me know, would be happy to help :smiley:


@uditgoenka Brother My budget is $5000 in starting so should i go for my own pbn network or should i invest this money to buy pbn links. If this a good budget to built a pbn network then brother plz suggest me how and from where we can buy or find quality expired domains and how many domains we need to ranked our long term keywords like happy new year. And hosting is already decided gopbn😊.


$5000 is a fantastic budget and thank you so much for considering GoPBN as your first choice of host ​:blush:

If you are looking for long term ranking for your keyword then building your own PBN is a much better idea.

Maybe you can PM me and I can help you with the entire setup of PBN the right away from grounds.


M already pinged u brother check FBM