[OT] Need Help Regarding Legal Notice for My Android App


First of all, I am really sorry to post this here but I am an old member of HBB and have full faith that I will only get legit help here. So the issue is that:

I and my former partner had some issues regarding our app. And he discontinued to work with me and I also let him acquire huge amount of money which was meant to be shared. But now he is threating the android application to be removed and also has sent notices regarding I using his code for my app where as its not true at all and I also have valid proofs and screenshots.

I want to send him a strict legal notice so he doesn’t do this again ever and if he does I could file a case against him. Now I need to know what type of legal notice should I send and in which type of law this does come in. What type of lawyer should I hire and is it wise to send him a legal notice?


If you’re having valid proofs/screenshots, then you don’t need to worry. If there is some problem in future regarding the app, you can counter the notice and ask Google to add your app. Let him waste his time, not your’s :wink: