Noob Query on getting started with a website


I know this has been asked several times earlier. However, with the risk of being repetitive what is the best WordPress hosting I can opt for which takes payment in INR. I would have loved to have opted for Siteground but due to the lack of a credit card, I am unable to do so.
Meanwhile, if I still have your interest, what are the plug-ins I should opt for in the initial days.

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Thanks in advance for your answer.


Let me know your “budget”, i can get you some good options to choose from.


I don’t have a budget restraint as such. So if you have the best picks, I would love to hear it.


For hosting you can use Vapourhost which accept payment in INR. Not shared plans, there are standalone plans to opt for.
Plugins for initial days u would suggest YoastSEO Premium, there are premium page builders which you can use to design your site if you have like a home page which is dynamic and a seperate blog page if no then free are enough, google sitemap submission and Analytics plugin. So these are which i would suggest you in initial days.


Check out BaseZap hosting bro. We are using that. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, I don’t get the “INR” card part, almost all the latest debit cards are accepted on all the major payment gateways, so you can use your card anywhere and get your desired hosting.