Need Suggestions for Local language site



Today I started a new blog Telugulo.
Now, I have some questions regarding this.

  • Is SEO works to my site if it is then how to do that?
  • Can I rank my site with the help of off topic site backlinks? Is it affect my site?
  • Am I better to run multi language site instead of one language? if yes then suggest me best plugin.

  1. Google does not use different algorithm to rank different kind of website, so SEO apply equally on all sites. If you’re newbie I suggest to read Google official PDF file on SEO.

  2. Backlinks has two types. NoFollow Backlink and DoFollow backlink. If you get dofollow backlinks naturally then it will impact high into search ranking. If you build/get tons of nofollow backlinks, then it will not going to impact anything, because Google don’t consider nofollow link into ranking.

  3. If you post same content in multiple language then you required plugin, otherwise it is fine.