Need Suggestion for Domain name for a Tech Blog


.in(already have)
.net(not available)

As my blog name consists of 2 keywords,
Will a hyphen between both keyword be acceptable for .com like keyword1-keyword2 . com?
Which one do you suggest for tech blog except these?


Hi @Shekhar_Vaidya, if you want to run an authority branded tech blog, then I would suggest you pick a .com domain name with another name you like. I’m sure there ‘could’ be other alternatives to this.

If is not available, then check out the plural version of this.

We used even without considering the singular version of this name.

So just experiment with the name you like.

Our brand names: FoodGravy, MoviesDrop, BookWritten, etc.

I usually keep the niche keyword, let’s say “Food” in the front and explore all the other possible terms I can add to this. One day “FoodGravy” got finalized. That’s all.


Thanks @pradeepkumar for suggesting alternate domains.
Actually my current domain is and is premium and out of my budget.
As you suggested, I checked i.e., techlatests dot com and it is available.
So, as you are a professional as well as experienced blogger, techlatests dot com will be a good option or not?


I’m not honestly sure if “Latests” is a word commonly known, bro. :frowning:

Do you have any more alternative words for this?


@pradeepkumar I too didn’t like “latests” , that’s why I asked you!
What about “tech-latest” ?
Because rebranding the blog isn’t a good idea now!


@pradeepkumar waiting for your response sir!
will tech-latest dot com be a good alternative?


How do you think about the name “Tech Advisor”, it’s a good name on for Tech blog, it’s listing for sale at Sedo here


BlogTech? :) Simply and clever.…