Need suggestion based on my website niche and traffic

First of all, I am extremely sorry that I am not able to put my question in the title as this problem must have to be explained.
I am an old user of Hellboundbloggers, and I forgot your website name. After thinking for two days I just remembered the name.
Okay, let’s come to the point.
I am running a programming blogging website since 2017. It’s almost two years and the interesting part about my website is, I have more than 200 qualified writers on my website who put their heart and soul to make this website bigger and that is absolutely free. I am very thankful to them. My website contains these below topics:

  1. Java
  2. PHP
  3. Python
  4. JavaScript
  5. C++
    and other popular categories.
    Now my main problem is my doubts.
    My Alexa rank is 120k and it is improving day by day. (I know alexa is not that much important factor)
    My domain authority is 29.
    My organic traffic per day is 2100. (Except saturday and sunday)
    Monthly organic traffic is near about 55k

I only use Adsense for making money from this website and I have accepted one sponsor post almost 6 months ago thats all.
But I searched a lot on the internet what is the Adsense earning for this traffic.
But I am shocked seeing that they are making a lot more than my earning.
I mean why??? I am using productive keywords you can see that.
My Adsense earning is almost 2.5$ per Day.

Don’t you think that for this traffic I am not getting what I deserve?
Now I have decided to go for affiliate income but don’t know which kind of product I should take for affiliate marketing for my niche( programming blog ).

I really need help to survive in this situation.
I know someone going to say, take sponsor posts and affiliate marketing. Sell your own products… sell courses…
But it is not easy for me to find those for my niche…
Even I have my own wordpress plugins which I sell on my website as well as on codecanyone.(online marketplace)

I really need some valuable suggestions for me.
If you suggest me to do something then also mention the platform.
My website name is CodeSpeedy.
I am not inserting any link as you might take this post as spam and delete my post.
I just need some help.