Need Suggestion about Micro-Niche?


Can we create APK Site targeting only one app.

IS There will be any issue from APK Developers?? Copyright ?? anything?


Make sure you don’t play with ‘trademarks’ bro, apart from that, you can create and target any specific mobile apps without any issue. :slight_smile:


What doest trademark mean? Justify please.


We trademarked our company name “Slashsquare” bro, we did under class 42 which matches the business we do… so if someone tries to register the same company name under this class, he/she won’t be able to do that. I kinda own the brand name under this class. I’m running a small-scale company, and this is okay for me, but huge brands like Facebook, Microsoft or Google will have registered trademarks over so many names and stuff, so if you try to misuse (or even use) in a way they don’t like, they’ll take it down via their lawyers. :frowning:


oh this is great. Thanks for this information.