Need some ranking tips to get traffic ASAP on my blog

I have started my blog. I need some tips to get traffic ASAP.
Ranking tips will be appreciated as well

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If your blog is new, I would suggest making use of Social Media first, including WhatsApp and Telegram Broadcast amongst your friends and wannabe readers. You should allocate enough time to write breaking news or provide solutions to upcoming questions, for example, most of us still don’t know how to get an official drone license in India, so you can find a guy who already got a license, make a QnA with him or just interview him asking the whole process, this will be highly essential and you can pitch this to all the Drone Lovers and Users in India. This is just one aspect, you can focus on all the available ones out there. Apart from Social Media, we have SEO, but in short, it’s all about quality content + keywords + backlinks, it’s a lengthy process, and it’s good that way.

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Ok. Now the how can I use social media without spamming anyone for traffic? And how good is Quora for the same? How to use it drive traffic without violating tnc?

And i have read on many websites that you need to ask other bloggersfor backlinks. Isnt that kind of begging for backlinks.? Is it necessary at all?

And suggest me some keyword planning tools. Free ones will be better

Sorry for so many questions :stuck_out_tongue:

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Social Media without Spamming - You don’t have to spam on the Facebook Groups, that’s the critical thing you should remember, apart from that, you can promote at whatever frequency you prefer on your personal profile and blog’s page. You just need to focus on increasing followers and likes.

Quora - Quora is a pretty valuable platform but self-promotion and affiliate links ruined it, I wouldn’t suggest you focus on this platform at the moment.

Asking Bloggers for Backlinks - It’s not entirely begging I would say, let’s say a Blogger wrote an article about “iPhone Tips” and he linked another blog’s article there but turns out that link is broken or that blog/domain got expired. You just need to take a note of that and message them professionally saying that a link on their article is broken and ask them if they wish to replace it with your quality article which is of the same topic.

Keyword Planning - You can start with this one: