Need some guide on flippa!



I’ve been buying n selling domains but I’ve never tried Flippa. I’m totally new and want to know about how they calculated avg domain price [buyers perspectives], on the basis of age, traffic, authority, keyword, etc.?
If any anyone had tried it, let me know its basics :slight_smile:
I know I could have Googled this. But answers from mates puts another effect :stuck_out_tongue:


Flippa is really good to find potential buyers/sellers bro. They value a website by several metrics, their own algorithm does that, but metrics like DA, Backlinks, Content Quality, AdSense revenue, etc are helpful for them to give a proper valuation. You can also link your Google Analytics to allow them to understand the up/down of your traffic. :slight_smile:


Thanks @pradeepkumar sir for your valuable comment. :slight_smile: