Need some advise regarding using PBN to raise DA



One of my friends wants to know if he can increase the DA by building backlinks through PBN. He is ready to outsource the work if you suggest a reliable person.


:frowning: Sir if you don’t mind better raise your doubt in some of the Facebook Seo Groups, they will respond to your quarry at least. I will email you the list at the earliest. Is there any option to delete our account here?


It’s not about PBN or anything, bro. It’s more about DA here. DA increases/improves according to the backlinks generated by the website you own. :slight_smile:


I’m really sorry to make this forum inactive, bro. We had some issues related to Email Notifications and DigitalOcean side. We already have some interesting topics on this forum, we’ll try to make it more active within next month. Best wishes. :slight_smile: