Need Niche Idea suggestions for a domain name


Hi I have an expired domain www. 99coupons. in which has Da 19 & Pa 30 so i want to use it in effective way…i don’t want to establish a coupon website because there are already high competition so please suggest me any other idea to utilize this domain


@pradeepkumar sir need your valuable advice.


Your domain name has the word “coupons” unfortunately bro, it’s inevitable to avoid this niche in the 1st place… but if you still want to skip this, then I would suggest you try something like an online “ticket” booking related stuff… somehow the term “coupons” remind me of this.


Thanks sir…is it good to make a amazon affiliate site


With this domain name? You can certainly do that bro… I would never discourage anything. If I want to start a blog about “Fashion”, even when it’s crowded AF, I’ll do it because, only if I start something I’ll know if I can be successful or not.


Thanks for motivation sir :slight_smile: