Need help with multiple pages in WordPress


Hello bloggers, I have a tech blog and i want to make a section in menu for Linux tutorials in which only the articles related to linux will be kept. How to make such a page.
when I am going to create a page, always a text page is created!
Thanks !


If you want to make A section in your menu for Linux Tutorials then creating a Page will not be helpful. i suggest you to create a category called Linux Tutorial and whenever you write a article on Linux Tutorial add that article under that category.
hope this will solve your issue.


Hello @Pavan_Kulkarni , Thats a great idea! But I dont want it to appear on home screen. also I dont want it to be published for everyone. All I want is just creation of a page where I can keep those tutorials only visible by those who subscribe for tutorial!
Any way to do this :slight_smile:


@Shashank_Barthwal i hope this link will give you an idea
How to Restrict Content to Registered Users in WordPress


You can follow this tutorial mate:


@Pavan_Kulkarni @pradeepkumar , u might have seen various sites with different corners like “science” “facts” “tutorials” “news” in menu. In all those corners, articles are different. I want the same. I dont want to shift my post page and also I dont have a front page template. So kindly tell me a simple way to do so. Thank you! :slight_smile:


It’ll be really helpful if you can share an example website bro, will check it out and share a proper procedure. :slight_smile:


visit and look at their menu. They have different sections like photography, TV etc. I found that catagory technique helpful but
I wanna make tutorials and I dont want it visible in my homepage. I want it only inside a catagory.
visit my site and look at the type of articles. Homepage will not look good for everyone if they will see a series of linux articles. So, i want them to appear only in a specific section!


@Shashank_Barthwal Creating a Parent and Child Category is one solution and Creating a Sub Menu is the another solution for you for your understanding am Attaching a screen shot for you.

Hope This Will give u an idea if am wright.