Need help with Google AdWords


I am new to google adwords and created an account. I have a a bank account but only few money in it. In google adwords, we have to write daily budget. Can we restrict it only to the free credits the google adwords provide? Low on money right now!

Thank you !


Bro, kind advice, don’t use Google AdWords for the time being, you can invest this on Facebook Ads instead.


Sir I know that. I asked because google is giving free credits of Rs.2000 to spend on advertisement and I can’t pause it. I have only few days left to claim free credits. Should I let it slip? Is it Ok to let is slip?


You can always get those free AdWords credit bro, don’t worry. You can use that to learn now though, you can follow this free Udemy guide:


I wanna save those credits for future.

but i am receiving mails like this!


I didn’t successfully created the account yet!


You’ll always get good coupons here bro. :slight_smile:


but sir, it is useful when we are a beginner in google adwords. Will I get those free credits later if I will not take them right now?


You’ll always find ways to get free AdWord credits bro, trust me. Since you are a beginner, I would suggest you focus on your content posting frequency and branding. :slight_smile: