Need help in tech blog!


There are tons of Tech blogs. Is there any way to achieve success in such a big crowd?


Yes you can. research on a topic, give an attractive headline, build a good social media community to share your posts, use infographs for social media marketing.
And i think that as a beginner this is enough.


Sir I am doing, you said write good, make good headline, create fanpages. I did everything, but how to tell people "Hey, I have some good content. Check it out"
How to make my site visible to people so that people can explore it!


well, then u r not in beginner stage.
now it’s time to do good SEO- legit backlinks, and do well more than your competitor in building backlinks, This helps you in a long run.


I’ll be honest with you, it’s going to be hard and challenging, but not impossible. We can achieve success via creativity and consistency. Start your blog’s YouTube channel and create a social media buzz. It’s going to be slow, but steady.


@pradeepkumar and @Anvesh
Sir, I am agree with your point! I am maintaining good SEO but there are thousands of posts like me. So my ranking in google will be still poor and also , as you know, I am facing problems in site indexing. Will SEO help me that much? Can you please tell me the tips for success with a tech blog because there are millions of tech blogs! I am ready to work hard!


@Shashank_Barthwal, take any niche man, it’s definitely going to be complicated at this point of time, don’t think about that, just kickstart your journey smoothly and be different from others. Start to review devices, write about breaking tech news, and do everything slowly. Once you are in a good standard, say after 2-3 months, network with tech PRs and Brands, collaborate with them… attend events. This will be a good start, once you manage to network with other probloggers in your field, you’ll get more ideas about upscaling your blog further. :slight_smile:


What you mean by Its complicated at this point of time.
Many people are entering this blogging thing?
Or the google algorithms are complicated to rank our post higher?


I’m not worried about Google Algorithms bro, I’m more concerned about the crowd… people start blogs for several reasons, like:

  1. They just want to become a Blogger because he/her friend is a Blogger.

  2. They want to make money, motivated by the fake screenshots out there.

  3. They want to get review units and attend tech events.

  4. They are just curious about Blogging.

  5. Last but not least, they want to start a blog and make it as a profession.


I think we need to worry about these guys

And whats your suggestion for begginer about writing content?


Haha, true bro, our major competitors. :’)


What is your suggestion for beginner about writing unique content?


I shared some useful updates in this thread @Anvesh. :slight_smile:


sir but one thing i didnt understand. People advice beginners to maintain good SEO. But how SEO will specially affect our site while there are several sites, all following good SEO?


Forget about them bro, see, if we get popular and have enough authority, then we don’t actually have to worry about SEO or anything… whatever good we write, it’ll automatically get ranked. :slight_smile:


Thats the problem bro. We have to be popular. But ,to be popular with a tech blog, we have to focus on SEO. And we dont know how the SEO gonna help us when every tech blog is following good SEO.


To be very frank, I run a tech blog and I know how difficult it is to rank your blog in the starting. Just publish good content and focus on Organic Traffic in the starting.

Facebook and all won’t give you good results initially. Make backlings and write articles that’s it.

Try to find a few keywords using Ahrefs and rank them. Rank a few articles initially so that you get enough money and confidence to continue your journey for another 6 months…till then you will be all set to get huge traffic bro. :slight_smile: