Need help in site indexing


Hello to all bloggers here,
I am new in the world of blogging. I have a tech blog . It has 11 posts. I tried to index my site in google webmaster. i uploaded the sitemap, fetched as google, status got complete but still it shows 0 pages indexed in my index status. While I am getting details of my site when i write
Is my site indexed or not?

What we need to do after Verifying with search console?

Hi @Shashank_Barthwal, can you kindly share your blog’s sitemap URL, please? :slight_smile:


is it what you need sir?


Not that bro, our blog’s sitemap looks like this:

Did you generate your blog’s sitemap via Yoast SEO plugin or how bro?


Bro, Let Google Automatically Index your post.

& Coming to why its not indexing Use Ping List & Make some backlinks no matter they are Nofollow or dofollow.

My suggestion is to Create some links using




sir are you talking about these ones?



Sir i am new to blogging and that back links stuff. I have no idea how to use them


Yes bro, and don’t worry, looks like your blog is pretty new, kindly wait for a week and update me, please. :slight_smile:


when I click on sitemaps, it shows that 88 webpages submitted and 40 are indexed. Does it mean that the pages are already indexed. Then why the index status shows 0 indexed?


Can you kindly share a screenshot of this bro? :slight_smile:


this is…


@pradeepkumar but still the index status looks like this


All these are pretty common for new websites bro, please don’t worry, check after a week and if you still face any issues, we can recrawl your website/articles and see if it makes any change. :slight_smile:


@pradeepkumar Ok sir, your statement gave me hope. For sure I will contact you after one week. But tell me if my site is indexed or not? Why it is showing 40 pages are indexed?


Combining all your posts and pages, how many links you’ll have on your blog bro? :slight_smile:


I have no idea sir, I have 11 posts only, 5 menu pages and some other login, reset password etc. according to my sitemap, i can see that there are 22 pages. Are they indexed because I can see them in google!


Your site is properly indexed bro, but there might be some category, author, etc. pages which might have some issues while indexing, let’s just ignore them for a while, publish articles regularly and let’s see the status after some time. :slight_smile:


@pradeepkumar Ok sir, Thank you so much. Only you solved my problem. I Love this forum! :smiley:
I will update you after one week about the matter!



@Shashank_Barthwal Another suggestion for you is dont index Tags, Categories, Monthly Based Archieves & Author Archieves.

Please Configure your Yoast SEO Setting Again.

It will be helpful to you in future. :slight_smile:


Ok sir, well i dont know that much about about Yoast SEO. I am new to it. But i will learn it. Thanks for your great suggestion! :smiley: