Need help in promotion


Hi, I can see several successful bloggers around the world whose daily subscriber rate is more than 1000. I am a blogger too( a newbie), It maybe possible that my content is not that good, but I wanna know how to promote a new blog (WITHOUT SPAMMING). Because it is most difficult to built your first 10-100 suscribers. All I wanna know is : How to make people see my site first? How to built my first 10-100 e-mail list?


I can understand your condition @Shashank_Barthwal, don’t lose hope, the easiest way to get more subscribers is to give them something in return. In your case, I would suggest you write an eBook (maybe 100 Blogging Tips for Newbies, you can share your experiences) and give that to your subscribers. Begin your journey with MailChimp, it’s free till you reach 2000 subscribers!


@pradeepkumar yes I know that. I will write good content and give returns also. But how people will see that until no one have heard about my site? Thats what I wanna know, how to make it visible in front of others. how to say them “hey just check out my blog” ?


It’s definitely going to take some time @Shashank_Barthwal, but it’ll be worth it for sure. Increase your Social Media presence (especially Facebook and Twitter), then interact with popular blogging groups on Facebook, once you start to network, you don’t need to worry about promoting, they’ll do it for you.


Sir, my blog has no name and fame. How will the popular blogging groups will interact with me?


Dude, each and everybody, who starts a blog right now, is a newbie, don’t think about this… just focus on your work like any other problogger in this field.