[Need Help] How to create Sub-domain in DigitalOcean?



Can someone help me in creating a sub-domain from scratch? Hosting on Digital Ocean and GoDaddy Domain Registrar.


Shall i know Are you having the cpanel acces for your website ?? @ganesh72


@techinfoworld I’m using digital ocean


I don’t know digital ocean contains cpanel facilities or not? I hope @pradeepkumar will help you, because he using digital ocean server

If i know any solution , i will inform you


Hey bro, we have our domain (hellboundbloggers.com) on GoDaddy and our sub-domain (forum.hellboundbloggers.com) configured on DigitalOcean. It’s simple actually.

After creating your droplet, go there > More > Add a domain and you can add your sub-domain here!

Now grab the IP Address of your droplet and if you have the option to edit your DNS records in GoDaddy, then create “A” record and add “Your IP Address” as the value. Save the settings. That’s all.

If you don’t have the option to edit your DNS records in GoDaddy, then we can do that on DigitalOcean itself, go to Networking > Domains > Manage domain (of your Droplet) and add your “A” record here.

Now, go to your GoDaddy account and use DigitalOcean nameservers:


That’s all bro. It should be properly configured now, let me know if you have any queries. :slight_smile:


Do I need to create new droplet for the sub-domain @pradeepkumar?
And should I use Go Daddy to create " forum.example.com"


Yes, a new droplet means a new installation, it can be WordPress or Discourse.

You can create a sub-domain by creating “A” record bro, GoDaddy or DigitalOcean, like I mentioned above.


I want to redirect it platforms like stack commerce. Instead of installing anything. so do i need to create a new droplet in this case?


Can you explain the kind of ‘redirection’ you are expecting bro?


I want to create a dedicated sub-domain for stack commerce platform.


Then please follow the steps I mentioned earlier bro. :slight_smile: