Need a long tail keyword for my new blog



I need a Long tail keyword with low competition and good amount of searches as my blog is new(1 month).
I’ve searched on kwfinder , semrush, GKP etc but couldn’t find any low competition. I had written few posts also but couldn’t rank for any keywords.

Niche: Tech
Topic: Android, how-to, apps.

I just need 1-2 long tail keywords so that i can get organic traffic to my blog and rank it.


The keyword you want to rank, is that a trending keyword or an evergreen keyword bro… like, are you targeting something like “Google Pixel 3 2018” or “Android Battery Tips”? :slight_smile:


Evergreen keywords
Like “Android battery tips”.
I’ve tried such keywords with competiton of around 25-30 but couldn’t rank any.


I suggest using the Ahrefs tool Shivam. That’s what I use in my KW research.