Natural Ways To Increase/Improve Facebook Page Post Engagements



I just wanted to share my methods to naturally increase or improve your Facebook page and the post engagements. You don’t need to invest money in this or try Facebook Ads. You just need to be creative and invest your time for quality content. First and foremost, before going further, if you haven’t invited all your friends to like your page, kindly do that, this is the only thing that will help you to kickstart your page. After doing that, kindly follow these:

1. Correct Posting Time

Facebook Page “Insights” help us to know when our fans will be online, so that we can make use of that time to update and get good engagements. So if you want to share something on your page, you can follow this next time:

Go to “Insights” > “Posts” and on the right side you have this tab called “When Your Fans Are Online”. Make use of this graph and post when you have the majority of them online. Just experiment and see the results.

2. Ask Questions

You can’t just keep updating posts and expect them to comment on your posts just like that. You need to engage with them, and the only easy way to do that is, you need to ask them questions. Be creative and ask them cool questions. Here is a small example:

You can identify the kind of posts your audience love, for example, if you are running a Movie page, and if the majority of your posts about Emma Watson are getting the attraction, then feel free to post something like, which is your favorite movie starring Emma Watson, etc., something like that.

3. Use Emoticons

Okay, so this might be a little bit confusing… but this is my personal experience. Emoticons (or Emojis) help us to connect with our audience easily, and they can react the same on the post.

If you post something and use :joy: emoji for that. Then it’ll impact the viewer, and there is a possibility that he/she may use the same Facebook :joy: reaction as well. It’s the same for :heart_eyes:, :cry:, etc…

4. Use Reaction Pics

This is something I have been experimenting a lot and getting good results, so this is a must in your list. This is something from which you can easily get plenty of reactions/likes, and later you can invite them to like your page as well.

We recently made this one for DeviceBAR, and we got decent reactions without any promotion. I did the same for several pages with various creative reaction pics, and later we invited them to like our page, we did this asap, so that the conversion rate will be good.

As you can see, there is an option for me to invite the people who reacted/liked my post. This is pretty handy for us.

5. Use GIF images

I already posted an update about using GIF images to improve your Facebook Page + Increase traffic to your website. GIF images are capable of getting viral just like that. They are short, and they are a combination of image + video, so people always love them, and share them.

I love GIF Images personally, so whenever I watch a movie and if I like a particular scene, I’ll convert that into GIF and share with our audience.

6. Tagging Friends

This is another natural way to improve your Facebook page post engagements because people love to tag their friends on funny or any other interesting posts. It’s an infinite circle… they just keep on tagging, and that benefits your page/post a lot.

7. Request Your Audience To Do This!

So, this is what I’m going to do next, and you can also do the same. You can request your audience to “See First” your posts. Thus it’ll help you a lot to gain more exposure naturally.

Before requesting this to them, you need to be active first, and more importantly, provide quality content.

I’ll update this post frequently and share more tips, if you have any queries or if you want to share any tips, do kindly let us know. :slight_smile:

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To add up a little bit of something, using memes for facebook marketing is also effective but depending what your niche is. Catching a wave with the flow of the trend nowadays would actually help you improve engagement of your audiences (especially young audiences). This somehow can also be associated with your number 5. the use of GIF images. :slight_smile: