My new posts are not listed in Search Analytics


only the first article which i wrote is getting listed on search console
why are the other articles not listed?


There could be several reasons for this bro. :frowning: Can you try this and see if your keywords are showing here?


Bro, there is no change in the queries, Only 1 article is getting listed on the Search engine.

  1. What does 19.0 position mean?

Actually, I have submitted other site map on July 14 ie yesterday.
2) Does it take a long time to get indexed?

  1. NOW I have 2 site maps submitted to search console. is that a problem?


That’s your website’s average position of the search query bro.

Not usually, how many articles and pages you have on your website?

2? But why? Generated via two different plugins? Can you share those 2 sitemaps bro?


Totally i have around 11 posts.
And bro ihave started my site 3 months ago still it is at beginner stage as I didn’t work on it.
So shld i continue with this site or start a new one?


Why quitting bro? If you like this niche, then don’t stop, just move on… it might take time, but do it consistently for good results. :slight_smile: If you want to make it as a brand, then update your site frequently mate!


Thanks for your motivation
i just love it


Google search console report does not show you, how many pages or blog post are index in Google. It just show you the reports where Google get some query from user, which is matched with your site content and return the results in terms of impression, clicks, CTR, and position.

For example I search on Google “how to remove xyz virus from my computer” and you’ve write same article on that, then Google will not going to show that article on your analytic report, because your blog post is not ranking in Google first or second page. it is ranked somewhere in 10th page, so on that page, normally people won’t go and you don’t get any clicks. So such query is not included in your analytic reports. But some popular query Google will show you, so you can improve your article further based on how much impression you’re getting.

To know your blog post is index or not, simply type into Google search, and if it return the result then you’re fine.

Also I suggest to don’t use third party extension tool to get CPC and competition details, because they will grab your data and sell it later. So better to create new person profile in chrome and install there such a tool.


I didn’t get you here
How Should I Exactly do this ?


To add new person in chrome follow these steps.