My domain is spammed by bot traffic and it cloned on different domains, what to do?


I recently got a new Domain name for a micro niche site, I worked on it for a day to write content and all, no link building. The next day I saw 2700 page views, it was all bot traffic and it is direct traffic not referral one, I tried to block bots via htaccess but it didn,t work, I can see that all traffic is from Chile, now today I saw that my site was cloned with different domain names, what can be done now?
Also the page sitemap generated by yoastSEO contain one of the cloned site links and not mine, I don’t how it happened as I have downloaded YoastSEO from wordpress only (not nulled). What might be the problem?
This is really a serious issue, please help :frowning:


@pradeepkumar @mskian @the_mcnaveen please help


@hazard Like there is another website which is having the exact theme/content of your website bro? :slight_smile:


Yes, I checked now and found they have same IP how is it possible? :confused: Site is hosted on DO.


Oops, this is pretty common bro, this is more or less a phishing attack and they want to target your audience for something, it can be affiliate marketing or any other purpose, since it’s DO, try to contact them using this form:

Use the “DMCA Takedown” option!


As it is using my IP so can DMCA takedown cause any issue?


No bro, they’ll check this issue and do the needful, let me know if you get any message/email from them. :slight_smile:


Yaa sure, I just created a ticket, waiting for there reply.


Got a reply, they said as the domain is their’s to its their wish, I only have to do something.


That’s bad bro. :frowning: Did you try contacting the website owner using his/her email address (via WhoIs)?

If nothing is working, then Google DMCA is the only way bro…

You can go to this link ( and create a “New Notice” bro…


@hazard Can you post the domain name of the cloned site?


Has the site that was cloning your blog been taken down? If yes, which method u followed? Please share here as two websites are cloning my blog.