My blog layout completely changed help needed


from last week i was unable to upload images when am posting any blog post. then from some one i got suggestion that through filezilla i have to some changes in wp content. something like numerical value should be 744. when i checked it was 705 so changed to 744. but when i closing that filezilla it saying that some changes made upload file. i dont know what is that. afterwords when i see my blog its completely different i cannot imagine it design. can any one plz help me…my blog url


I checked your blog. It totally has permission problem and 404 issue. Better you can re-upload your theme to fix this issue.


hi i tried some other themes but images it is not all showing anywhere in my blog


see like this am seeing when i upload some other theme …then also it is not in proper layout no images were shown


Permission issue. Change image folder permission in cpanel. Simply find out image folder in wp-content and give permission to 644