My backlinks aren't visible in moz!



I’m not sure what happened but my backlinks aren’t visible in Moz but i can check my backlinks in webmaster tools.

Any way to fix this? Would this be the reason for a fall in domain authority ?

Link to my previous post which shows the warning on google webmasters :


Several folks complained about this drastic downfall of DA for their blogs, I’m sure this is just one of their updates, don’t worry, just focus on removing any unusual outbound links on your blog and build some quality backlinks, I’m sure it should be back to form during your next update. :slight_smile:


Sure will concentrate on other things and one more question, should I add all formats of my website in webmasters like with www. , Non www. , HTTPS , non HTTPS ?


No no, just the main website. For HBB, we added ‘’, this is the only properly we have there. :slight_smile: