My admin dashboard is Damn slow from Past two Days?


Hi Hbb,
My website speed is good enough. But, dont know the reason why my admin dashboard is too slow. How to speed up my website anyone can direct me to achieve the same speed as before? I dont know how to edit CSS, etc etc

I can able to access my dashboard but it is taking more than 30secs to open each page in Dashboard
Thanks in advance


Hello @NAga_VaMshi,

Dashboard loads slowly because there are tons of authentications requests carried out while logging in, this increases your CPU usage. If your server CPU delays in serving request then this increases the load time.

Still There are many reasons for Slow functioning of WordPress Dashboard like

  • High CPU Usage
  • Improper Configuration of Database Cache
  • Heavy Theme

Most easiest method is to deactivate all the installed plugins and check loading time by activating them one by one.

##High CPU Usage

I would suggest you to delete useless plugins.
Checkout which plugin is slowing down your website , remove that plugin and install an alternative one.
Are you facing this issue after installing any plugin?

To check which plugin is using all your CPU resource, use "P3 WordPress Plugin"
here is a link for your reference.

##Improper Configuration of Database Cache
If you’ve installed any cache plugins. disable it. If cache plugin is the problem then configure it correctly.

##Heavy Theme
Switch to default theme for few time and check you dashboard theme.

If this issue is not solved try contacting your hosting provider.

Hope this helps you.

let me know your feedback.



Thank ubfor Ur time bro. yes I installed sassos social share plugin that’s the main reason for slowing down.

Thanks for the resolution bro. learnt something from this