Multi Language vs. separate language blog?

(Harpreet Kumar) #1

My blog having multi language Hinglish and English both. What is better to create subdomain for each language on or establish a new blog for one language?

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

I think it’s pretty fine to run a blog with both Hinglish and English mate, it might be difficult to rank for some posts, but you do have a specific set of audience to target. There are plenty of popular blogs in Hindi out there, take ShoutMeHindi for example, it’s going good I guess. :slight_smile:

(Harpreet Kumar) #3

So you mean to say. No need to establish new blog for saparte language?

(Pradeep Kumar) #4

It all depends bro… YourStory got a separate domain name ( for their “Hindi” (not Hinglish) content…

(Harpreet Kumar) #5

Yes bro, same you say I already have two subdomains for each language. My blog
Here i set two subdomain hi HarpreetKumar.Com anf en.harpreetkumar.Com. For both languages and for home page i eill use main domain as landing pagr. Where I will think to link both blogs to choose preffer language by audiences. What you thinl about my idea bro?

(Pradeep Kumar) #6

Sounds totally fine bro. This is how most of the blogs like YourStory, ShoutMeLoud, etc., implement. :slight_smile:

(Harpreet Kumar) #7

Thanks for support bro. I will try

(Sardar Muneeb Dogar) #8

Awesome Thread.

I’d go with subdomains.

like hindi. blog. com and english . blog . com

install worpdress or any cms on subdomains and you’re done :smiley:

Happy Blogging!!!