Moving from HTTP to HTTPS in Google Search Console


I have moved my website HTTP to HTTPS but the site is currently added to Google Search Console as and all the pages are indexed without using SSL.

How do I go about moving to the new HTTPS URLs on Google Search Console?

  1. Do I just submit an updated sitemap which has the HTTPS URLs or do I add a new site as and submit the sitemap with HTTPS URLs? All current URLs are set to redirect to their HTTPS counterparts.

  2. Do I add multiple properties to Google Search Console?


Hi @sahil_rock, if the redirection is complete and http redirects to https, like to, you can add this as a new website on your Search Console and submit a new sitemap. After indexing, you can delete the old one (http), if you want to.


You need to add new property of your new site version HTTPS. Then you will have 2 properties in Google Search Console. Try to configure the new property HTTPS as the same with HTTP but do not to delete HTTP version.