"More posts" is showing "no results" in Blogger Blog


When I click on more posts in blogger blog, it shows no results even if there are posts present.


Please send your blog link and Screenshots




Your blog has only 15 posts. All the posts are listed on your home page but your template wrongly showing More Posts link on Homepage.

A solution is Go to your Blogger Settings>>Post Comments and Sharing and change Show at most to 10.

Example Refer this screenshot

After, Your blog looks similar like this link https://comebackminimalist.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2017-08-22T00:00:00%2B05:30&max-results=10


Hello @svignesh1994 My Blog has 17 posts and as per my settings, 15 should show at page 1 and 2 on next page.


Refer that previous screenshot and update it to 10 posts. Let me know once you do it.


The problem is not in setting but “more post” button. Click on that and change value from 15 to anything like 5 and it will still display no results found, because the date is not correct


You can make Max results to 50 as well on correct date.


The only solution is contact the template developer and report the bug if you can’t solve it yourself.


Thanks for this. You are right, it does not matter how many number of posts I choose. Let me contact the developer then.


I am not able to get the contact details of theme developer… Can you help?


Share your blogger template code on pastebin, Maybe I or someone else can help you, and you can ask same question (by sharing pastebin link) on Blogger Forum was well.


Update: I did not changed anything but today, it seems fine. Its working. Thanks everyone for the help.


Hi @Upasna,

Yesterday, My friend also got similar like the issue. I found a solution here. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rmae2M1xFiM

This will helpful for you.