Media. net Ads for blogs



Hi friends!

Media. net is known as the best Adsense alternative. Media. net ads privide high RPM and an excellent dashboard to manage your Reports, settings, ad units, etc. Media. net ads are very good looking, these ads automatically mixes with the blog template design and colours. So, its quite difficult to recognize the ads for visitors. These ads results in good RPM and even good CPC rates.

I am using media. net ads on my new blog ( since past 1 month. If interested take a look at those ads on my blog for more info :blush:.

Overall, According to me, Media. net is much more better than than Google Adsense. :sweat_smile:

But now I am facing a minor issue with media. net. The Create New Ads option from my media. net account is disappeared!!! :fearful:

Now I can’t create new ads units and codes! What’s this? It’s a silly problem! really strange!

I hope Pradeep Sir and other friends of this forum will help me :blush:


Hey @HarshKumar bro. :smiley: I have an inactive account, I’ll look into it… meanwhile, can you share a screenshot of the “Create New Ads” section, which is missing. :slight_smile:


Hi, Sir! I am really Sorry to say but finally I got solution for this problem :blush:

The problem is that I was using media. net account through my Android phone.

When I used my friend’s laptop to access my media. net account, I saw that Create Ads option is working!!!

Its strange! Before 3 months create ads option was working on my phone. But now it can be only accessible through desktops, laptops, etc.


I’m glad you got the options mate! Best wishes. :slight_smile:


Any tip or trick to increase my media. net revenue? :blush:


Optimize your blog posts with “In-Content Ads” bro, they help a lot. :slight_smile:


How much ads should I display on my blog? 3 is maximum? Or can I show 5-6 ad units on my blog homepage?


It purely depends on your blog’s theme bro, please don’t fill your blog with so much of ads, just optimize it with the necessary ones alone, it’ll definitely affect the bounce rate of your blog, i.e., your visitors won’t become readers, and they won’t come back. :frowning: