Maximum number of internal links we can connect in a 1000+ article?



Hi Pradeep and All Members,
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Internal linking is an essential part in blogging in relation to SEO.
Recently I noticed in few sites the authors linked 10+ internal links in a 1000 words article. My question is, Is this a good practice? Is this a good strategy in relation to SEO? If not what is the maximum number of links we can interlink? Or, what is the best method to apply in this aspect? And if the post is 1000+ or 2000+ words how many internal and external links we can connect?
Philip Ariel


Do it for better user experience buddy, there is no any specific number in SEO. I see wikipedia pages with 100+ internal links rank fine and I also see some blog with only few internal links rank fine.

Add links only if you think user gonna click it. In reality it does not impact much at all, because the actual juicyrank will remain same. Only anchor text will pass to those pages and that gonna help you in some matter.