Making Money with AdSense & Affiliate Simultaneously From Single Tech Blog?



Hi HBB Bloggers,

I own a tech blog that has around 5k-6k monthly page views (increasing constantly) and I got Adsense request approved 8 months before, But I am not able to earn enough through Adsense. So thought to move ahead with Affiliate, But before I go for Affiliate to make more money through my blog, I thought to clear my doubt that can I run Adsense and Affiliate simultaneously on my blog.

@pradeepkumar sir I would request your advise here.


It’s totally fine to do this bro, don’t worry about that.

But, if you take a look at Google AdSense, they are mostly advertisements, so you can optimize your theme and place the ads naturally but in an optimized way. That’ll maximum the earnings.

Now, if you want to monetize your blog with Affiliate ads, then sign up for Amazon Associates and use their affiliate links on your articles instead of keeping them as banner ads.

These are some of the ways…

  1. Write a review about a smartphone, say iPhone X and at the end, you can request your readers to buy via your affiliate link if they like the review and/or if they want to buy the phone.

  2. Make a list of products say, “10 Best Printers for College Students”, you can review them individually and add your affiliate links for all.

You know your blog and your blog audience better, so monetize accordingly bro. Best wishes.


@pradeepkumar sir thanks for your kind response.

As mentioned above, It is a tech & marketing blog where bloggers around the world contribute their guest articles. And that is why I have global visitors on my blog. But I don’t no why I am not getting enough clicks on ads running via Adsense, And thought to run Affiliate ads on my blog.

Would you mind reviewing my blog TechWebSpace and guide me on how can I optimize my theme and place the ads naturally.

I would go for Amazon Associates if the Adsense ads don’t work after optimization.

I would request all other HBB member to help me out.



Hi, I checked your blog bro… these are my suggestions:

1. Somehow I feel your blog is loading slow, I dunno why, it just takes time for me to open and move to other pages, do have a look at that.

2. Remove the “Search Box” in the sidebar and make sure the “300x250” ad is fully visible when the user opens the website bro, it should be “Above the Fold”, which means, it should be visible without scrolling down.

3. Remove the ‘Leaderboard’ advertisement from the footer. Keep a text ad unit (which colors matching your blog links) inside the articles instead.

Just experiment with this, and see if it helps bro. Best wishes.