Making decent Web Hosting sales? Ask for your Custom Landing Page then!



Hey guys, this is a small tip for you, only if you are making a decent amount of conversions (sales) from any web hosting affiliate program. Most of the popular (or moderate) web hosting companies provide you a cool landing page if you are a good affiliate for them. By default, they rarely message you and share this with you. But you can contact your affiliate manager and request this to them.

So this is how our default affiliate link looks:

(or) we can make it like this by using any cloaking plugin:

But how about a link like this:

So this is how our email conversation (with InMotion Hosting’s affiliate manager) went…

Looks good right? I was an active InMotion Hosting affiliate, and I was able to grab this cool landing page for HellBound Bloggers (HBB). But our InMotion Hosting account got terminated for some DDoS reasons, and I had a very disappointing experience with them later.

This is just an example, if you are an active affiliate for any online service, you can request them a landing page with your blog’s name and logo there. Trust me, it’s cool + it’s free, so why not.


Share awesome content.
Need help, I want to start affiliate marketing, how can I start with Hosting affiliate, is it profitable to start with FB ads or to go with bog post?


Do both @utsavchopra, get trial accounts from various popular web hosting services and write reviews about your experience as articles on your hosting affiliate blog. Make decent sales and get your own custom-branded landing page. :slight_smile: