Lost Almost 50% Traffic


Will someone help me… One of my blog almost lost 50%Traffic in 3 months ( http://www.technobuzz.net/ ) In march the daily page views are new about 15 to 16 k and now its only 7k. And none of my new post are ranking in Google Search Don’t know what am doing wrong ???


Hi @Sidharth_Rathore… you said:

Can you kindly use this ‘keyword rank’ method and see if your lost your valuable keywords mate? Do update me after this, and I’ll guide you through the steps to recover. :slight_smile:


@pradeepkumar here it is :-


Can you show the ‘graph’ bro? Select the date range as “Last 90 days”. :slight_smile:


here it is


Seems like your blog is affected by some Google update bro, your blog’s traffic reduced 50%, I’m checking your blog to figure out the reasons…

Meanwhile, for this ‘new post’ not indexing issue, follow this thread bro:


@Sidharth_Rathore Hey Bro, Are your New post Indexing but not visible in Google search (Even on the 10 page)??


Posts are indexing, but none of my new posts are ranking in Google Search… past 1 year Posts are ranking well like Oneplus 2 post. MI 3 Posts,

not thew new ones like oneplus 5, Galaxy S 8


Bro Technobuzz.net is from one of my favorite blogs!

It has been horrible that blog is suffering from Traffic Drop!

Maybe this is the Reason of Traffic Drop in your Blog! Check this one by one & Figure out What Exactly is going wrong with your blog.

  1. The blog has Huge Backlinks maybe it will have some Spammy Links in it. Please check them & disavow using Google Disavow Tool Them in Google Webmaster Tools.

  1. The Page Loading Speed: Please Improve it


  1. I have seen some poor articles like you are Sharing Custom ROMS there. Why are your making post on them Already there is low search volume on it & When the next version available no one is going to search for them.

  2. Now check some post on this page http://www.technobuzz.net/page/167/ is anyone searching for them? My suggestion is to remove the post which is not in search now!

@pradeepkumar Check out my points!
@sidharth_rathore may be this will help you.


  1. How to find the Spammy Links

  2. Done everything to increase the speed, but not successful. :frowning:

  3. Ok. Got it :slight_smile:

  4. Ok Will remove all those Articles. But that will create the 404 error. so how to fix them?

@pradeepkumar @Sachin_Alam

  1. Use Ahrefs Tool to find them. Write Every Spammy link in Text document use this Google Disavow File Generator & Upload it on Your Google Webmaster Tools.

  2. To improve Blog Speed Do these following things.

  • Use Fast loading Theme. MTS Schema is perfect but still need an improvement.
  • Use CDN. The suggestion is to use MaxCDN as you are earning quite well.
  • Cache Plugin. I think you need to buy WP Rocket Plugin & Configure it with MaxCDN.
  • Last but not the list, Remove some Ads there are a lot of ads on your blog.

Still Confused Here is the detailed guide!

  1. In Google Search Console, You can use Remove URL Function to remove them.


  1. Don’t have the Ahref account. And any guide how to find the spammy links

  2. MAXcdn or Keycdn

  3. Ok will do that.

  4. Thanks



Bro you can buy Ahrefs tool from Flikover.com.

This is the cheapest place to Buy Paid SEO Tool.

And by the way, are you writing the post without any Keyword Research?


Ok Wiil check that site.

I don’t use any SEO tool to Keyword research

BTW which one you reocommned MAXcdn or KeyCDN


I have never used Premium CDN, So don’t have experience about this.
@pradeepkumar sir will help you in choosing this.

I am using Free Cloudflare CDN as traffic on my blog is not so high!


I used MaxCDN but haven’t tried KeyCDN yet. :frowning: It’s good, but I don’t think it’s mandatory for a blog, you can try the free Cloudflare CDN and see if it makes any good impact mate. :slight_smile:


What about this Sir?


MaxCDN is good bro, probably, but kinda expensive unless you have a good budget for this. :slight_smile:


He is making decent money sir!

P.S: He is using Tribal Fusin Ads usase to anadaja lagalo


Hahah, then he can use that bro. :’) Meanwhile, @Sidharth_Rathore can approach MaxCDN and collaborate with them for a free account.