Looking to buy 1-3 Months Cheap & Reliable Hosting

Currently, I’m looking to create a WordPress Woocommerce store.

But I just want to buy hosting for 1-3 months as I’m not sure right now if I’ll continue it.

So I’m looking for CHEAP but RELIABLE hosting provider which sells 1-3 MONTHLY PLAN !!

Please suggest me the best option & describe why it is best than the rest !!

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Hey, bro. Can you kindly have a look at Namecheap and Bigrock web hosting plans?

Since you are using shared hosting, the resources will be less, so if the traffic increases in your site and if you start to use several plugins, then over a period of time, you might upgrade the month or move to some other hosting.

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@pradeepkumar Thanks for replying !! :slight_smile:

Big Rock doesn’t provide Monthly plans on it’s Cheap packages .

Namecheap has monthly plans at 200/month. I have some doubts regarding that :

  1. Is it Woocommerce compatible ? Will the above plan be enough for Woocommerce website if I expect 5000-7000 visitors/month ?
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  1. It should be compatible, bro, but again, it highly depends on the quantity of the products you add and so. You shouldn’t consume your allocated resources, so always keep a note of that. 5K-7K visitors per month is quite normal, shouldn’t be an issue.

  2. Looking at this screenshot, they clearly mentioned both the prices, bro. If you still have doubts, you can always contact their customer chat support.


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@pradeepkumar Is it any good to use AWS FREE TIER or DIGITAL OCEAN 20$ credit method to run my Woocommerce store as I’m expecting less traffic & require less storage ?

Bro, it’ll be very hard to manage and run at the moment, are you going for Dropshopping?

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Yeah , kinda like dropshipping. I’m just experimenting with my idea.

Can I ask how it’ll be hard to manage ?

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I haven’t actually done DigitalOcean + WooCommerce setup, bro, years back when I tried it was difficult for me, I’m not sure if things changed. You can always experiment with the free trials and credits, maybe that’s how we should learn further.

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