Looking for your Suggestion - HBB Community


Hey HBBians,

I’m looking to create a series of small guides over the course of next few weeks specially for the members on HBB. Before working on them, I am requesting everyone to leave a comment below with the respected topics they want me to provide with.

Why I am doing this?

Just to help the community as I have been doing for the last 6-7 months now.

It can be anything from Facebook to WordPress, simply write down the topics below and I will ensure to cover each and every topic requested (as long as they are not extremely massive).

(Posting my PBN guide by later tonight)

Over to you guys! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this @uditgoenka bro. :slight_smile:

Since you are an expert in Hosting related topics, it’ll be really awesome if we can get some awesome updates related to that, especially because of the recent DigitalOcean issues, we can have a small discussion about how to keep our sites safe (backup, following ToS, etc.) and make the most out of it.

Looking forward to your PBN guide bro! <3


Hi, @pradeepkumar bro.

The problem is, DigitalOcean has been cracking down on accounts which have been misusing the Free Credit offers. The cost of running a hosting business is extremely high, and when users start making multiple accounts with the same promo code, it’s a massive loss to the company.

If you look from a company’s perspective, they have the rights to terminate the account who are misusing the codes.

But they should not lock people’s account where they would lose all the data. That’s unethical and can lead to serious legal damages because keeping someone’s data is as good as stealing the data.

Here is advice to everyone:

If you are serious about your business, blog or anything that you do on the internet then do the following:

  • Stop using Nulled Themes & Plugins.
  • Go with trusted providers in the market.
  • Pay for the services (Don’t look for a Jugaad).
  • If you can afford to watch a movie and buy popcorn, you can afford to pay for 3-6 months of hosting bills.
  • If you can buy expensive gadgets, then you can afford to invest into themes and plugins.

If one starts treating all the overhead expense as a part of their business expense, they can grow massively.

One has to change the mindset to succeed.


Thank you so much @uditgoenka for your continues support and this is all about giving back to the community. Happy to be in network with you @uditgoenka and @pradeepkumar with awesome community Hellboundbloggers.

I would suggest you to cover up the following topics as of me…

● How to build amazing relationships with Influencers, Bloggers and All Internet Marketers. (DOs and DONTs)
● How can we run fabulous ad campaigns for different niche sites such as Technology, Amazon Affiliate Sites etc.
● Some brief details on how we can build profitable email list. (Email Marketing Tips)
● Many of newbies or experienced bloggers sometimes come up with or jump on spamming ways for some amount of bucks of $$$$ :confused: ( illegal stuffs ) so some explanation about them so we all can learn that Blogging is not all about earnings instead it’s a passion.
● How can we use different different social media for our brand awareness and content marketing (Advance Strategies) specially on LinkedIn and Twitter. (Facebook too :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks again @uditgoenka for the awesome support. I heartly appreciate it. Thanks again to you too @pradeepkumar for this mind blowing platform. :slight_smile: