Looking for a source code of forum like Hellbound bloggers


Looking for a source code of forum like Hellbound blogger, itdunya or other forum source code or any other.


Hi, we are using Discourse for our HBB Forum and DeviceBAR Forum, bro.

Discourse is 100% free and open source forum software. :slight_smile:


Where can I found the source code of forum? Please share the link of that forum.


Can you kindly have a look at this, please?


Bro Do you know any other, php, jquery based forum with source code available easily.


Is the WP Discourse API key is free or paid? does it properly work for wordpress?


Bro, may I know your exact requirement(s) and what you need to configure. :slight_smile:


I install wp-discourse plugin and it ask for the api-key, where I can get it. and how to integrate the other options in a best way.


I’ve looked at Flarum, which is a good PHP alternative to Discourse. It’s open-source also. You can try it :wink:

:link: Link: https://flarum.org/