LongTail EMD Domain vs Short Domain which one to choose?


LongTail EMD Domain vs Short Domain which one to choose to rank a Long Tail keyword which is suitable for a micro niche?
And should we register all domains on fake details?
If Registered on fake and domain registrar ask detail proof then what to do?


EMDs are dead. You can now try emd+brand.com type of domains.
Unless you are doing something illegal you don’t need to use fake details. You can create another email which has no trails to you if are concerned about your security. Registrars don’t do address verification they just and you say yes. Just use a working email.


EMDs (Exact Match Domains) are still under the radar bro, so play it safe.

I wouldn’t honestly suggest you this. Register the domain name on Google Domains, their pricing might be a little bit high, but they have a free in-built privacy option to block WhoIs details.