"Long tail keyword" How to do this?


Few say target long tail keyword for better ranking. So how to implement this long tail keyword. Should we include in our SEO Title or Post Title or anywhere else?


Bro, if “Korean Movies” is your main keyword, then your Long Tail Keywords will be like “Korean Horror Movies,” “Korean Movies List,” “Korean Movies 2016”, etc. You’ll be more specific here. That’s all. Kindly search for your keyword on Google and at the bottom you’ll find a section called “Searched related to keyword,” use them and prepare your keyword strategy. You can use tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner and pick the best Long Tail Keyword for your website and articles. :slight_smile:

RESOURCE: Struggling with Keyword Research? Try this method once!


Ok, we write the post using a long tail keyword.
I read that short SEO title and URL helps in ranking better.
We cannot include a long tail keyword in this case. So, how to overcome this?


Just write the article naturally bro, and after you can work on the SEO part! :slight_smile: Keep the article title and permalink keywords natural!


New to this Stuff, so lot many questions :grin:


No issues bro, feel free to ask as many. :slight_smile: