List Of Popular Twitter Chats For Bloggers & Internet Marketers



Here is a list of popular Twitter chats that you should definitely join if you are a Blogger or an Internet Marketer. I learned a lot from these Twitter chats, plus improved my Twitter presence as well.

If you are not aware of Twitter Chats, it’s nothing but a Twitter discussion branded by hashtags like #SEOTalk, where we discuss SEO, Social Media, Blogging, or probably all the topics related to this.

These are the ones I have participated and learned a lot. Even brands like Buffer & SEMrush made use of Twitter chats to spread their presence on Twitter, which is indeed a brilliant move.

All these Twitter chats are in IST format, you can just use Google to directly convert the time zone according to your preference.

  • #SEOTalk (8:30PM / Monday)

  • #RubhuSocial (3:00PM / Tuesday)

  • #AskCW (6:30PM / Wednesday)

  • #BlogChatter (8:30PM / Wednesday)

  • #SEMrushChat (9:30PM / Wednesday)

  • #BrandChat (9:30PM / Wednesday)

  • #BufferChat (10:30PM / Wednesday)

  • #cfchat (10:00PM / Thursday)

This list is not complete, I’m searching for other popular Twitter chats and their Indian Timings (IST), so I’ll update this post frequently, do kindly bookmark this post. Meanwhile, if you know any other active Twitter chats, do kindly mention it below. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Such a handy guide! Bookmarking this, @pradeepkumar. :smiley:


Please add #cfchat. 10pm IST, every Thursday.


#cfchat; #semrushchat; #bufferchat and one I am looking to start i.e #bschat hehehe


@pradeepkumar how about #HBBChat ?


Soon bro, having plenty of plans, but need a proper strategy and time to implement this. :frowning:


@pradeepkumar, can you add this please? It’s today and could help fellow people.


Updated the post @arunsathiya, thank you for sharing that. If you know more, feel free to let me know. :slight_smile:


I think you have to arrange chat here :slight_smile: