List of Different Google AdSense Forms You Might Need In Future



Google AdSense, is undoubtedly, one of the most preferred source of income for most of the Bloggers. It’s from Google, and it’s easy to use, you keep the ad codes, people visit/click, you earn money, this is completely automated, you don’t need to login and do anything special every day.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy to get banned or suspended these days. If you are following Google AdSense Program Policies, then your account should be safe and you’ll get payments without any issue. But if, by any chance, if you face any issues with your account, then these are the forms that’ll be helpful for you. You can open the link and know more about the purpose.

1) Reporting a Violation


2) Policy violation appeal - account disabled


3) Invalid activity appeal


Have you used any other AdSense forms? Do share with us, we’ll update this post. :slight_smile:


Hello Pradeep sir till now google hs banned my 4 adsense accounts with $$$but its ohk bcoz m always works against adsnese Policy :joy::joy::joy: and m tried this forum so many times but thy rejected my application evry time but its a very helpful info for others thnx for sharing sir :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Thanks PradeepKumar for this vital information.
So far I have not faced any such situation from AdSense.
But I am sure this will be a added information to the forum
Keep sharing
Have a happy weekend