Links Not Indexing after Publishing the Post


Ok. You mean to say that i should remove the date, right?


Yes mate. I have seen my friend’s coupon website having troubles with indexing because he kept on changing the date and time to match latest deals.


But all the coupon site does this to keep the post updated.
Can Structured error be a probable reason for this?


What do you mean by this bro? :slight_smile:


I have Structured error issues. Did some changes on 23rd last month and since then all the post are showing structured data error.

And I think google is experiencing the issue in indexing. But the error is not much signification…actually I removed the featured image, and that is the error.


I don’t really think this should be the issue for the indexing bro, but it could be possible… we have a post on how to fix hentry errors, you can try that and fix these errors. :slight_smile:


To fast index your newly published blog post, you should follow below steps.

  • Create sitemap and submit it in search console.
  • Create RSS feed and submit it in search engine for bots attention.
  • If you are using wordpress then create a list of ping sites under settings > writing > update services.
  • Most important – update your blog regularly, so Googlebot will automatically consider your blog for fast index.
  • Share your newly published post on social media networks.

You can set up crawl rate manually as well you can index your newly published post within few seconds using “Fetch as Google” under the “crawl” section through Google search console.


I have done all the above things bro except RSS feed.

Everything was going good and suddenly I faced this issue.


Yes will resolve these issues soon. But any other angle to look at this issue?


No other angle bro. :frowning: Maybe your site was affected by Google Fred update, there could be several reasons bro, but only with authority backlinks and quality content, you can regain what you lost. :slight_smile:


Bro my other post are still ranking well. Some are going up aswell. The issue is only for the new posts.


Do fix the “Date” issue in the post titles bro, that might help a bit… it’s kinda confusing for search engines. You can keep ‘year’ in the title, say like, “Best Android Smartphones With Good Battery 2017”, that’s fine.


Ok. I will try it with the new post. And try to resolve Structured error issue. But I had not added date in the New post though. -_-
Im so confused right now.


@pradeepkumar I foiund this. Can this be an issue?

Crawled data is decreasing from past 7 days and since then im facing the issue.


Can you kindly go to the “Crawl Errors” section and share the screenshot @Rishabh? :slight_smile:


Here you go.

Just resolved a few errors.


Great mate @Rishabh , do update me on this process, I’m more interested to know what exactly caused your problem. :slight_smile:


I face this not indexing problem with my new blog,
even after submitting the Sitemap and fetch as google it didn’t index.
What i do is just make some good backlinks.
Then pour some social signals from FB, G+, Twitter.
And viola the link gets index.


I will try the same. Can you tell me how to get FB,G+ signals?


I just give signals from Pintrest pin, and tweeter like and retweet, and FB like and share using