Links Not Indexing after Publishing the Post


Hey Guys, Recently im seeing an issue that whenever I publish a post, the link does not appear in google search even after writing my site name along with the keyword.

Why such delay in Indexing. And even some old post are not appearing! What could be the probable reason?

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Hi @Rishabh, I think this might be something to do with ‘crawl rate’. Do open your Google Search Console and see if you have any crawl errors bro.

Additionally, I would suggest you to focus on social bookmarking as soon as you post it, you don’t need to do this often, just do it for the next one month till this issue gets resolved. :slight_smile:



Like @pradeepkumar said

First of all, Check for any errors in Crawling on Search console.

If you find any, try to resolve them.

At the same time, Read this thread in HBB forum


There are two reasons you have to decide which one is it.

First one is the one which is said by @pradeepkumar
Second one can be … Your blog is new. So you don’t have to worry. Indexing new posts takes time if it’s an new blog. It will be published in 1 to 2 days.

Also did you check the errors and is the sitemap submitted properly? You might have also uninstalled sitemap generator by mistake


Only use Fetch As Google Tool, and Google will work on it to index. :slight_smile:
I’ve myself used it and found that using this tool can help in indexing a link in few seconds.
Note- To check index, go to Google and type full URL of the post.
P.S You might not see the post for incoming keywords.
Thanks :slight_smile:


There are not crawl errors. And other sites with thinner connect, lower DA PA and without backlinks are ranking for the keyword while mine is not even visible in top 1 pages.

The keyword is low competition and I have around 2000 words unique quality content.

What do you suggest now?


@Rishabh, what’s your domain name’s Moz Spam Score mate?


its 0 bro @pradeepkumar


There could be several reasons for this bro, but the only way to overcome them is to update your post/article and improve it further. Interlink this post with other existing posts on your blog and update us after a few weeks bro.


Cool bro…Im working on Bookmarking as you said.


I think their is some issue going on. My links are still not appearing on google when i search them with the keyword. But when I write my site name along with the keyword, it appears.

Any solution please???


@Rishabh, I think there is something wrong with the way you tweak your blog titles bro…

Posts like “Idea Balance Check Number, Data Loan for 11 May” are not getting indexed whereas posts like “GB-Forex: Earn Everyday with Bitcoin Mining” are working fine… check this screenshot please. :slight_smile:


What shall i do bro?

The new post like Amazon & Flipkart customer care also not visible in the search.


Revamp all your blog post titles and make them as normal bro… after that, we can work to index them properly. :slight_smile:


Ok. You mean to say that i should remove the date, right?


Yes mate. I have seen my friend’s coupon website having troubles with indexing because he kept on changing the date and time to match latest deals.


But all the coupon site does this to keep the post updated.
Can Structured error be a probable reason for this?


What do you mean by this bro? :slight_smile:


I have Structured error issues. Did some changes on 23rd last month and since then all the post are showing structured data error.

And I think google is experiencing the issue in indexing. But the error is not much signification…actually I removed the featured image, and that is the error.


I don’t really think this should be the issue for the indexing bro, but it could be possible… we have a post on how to fix hentry errors, you can try that and fix these errors. :slight_smile: