Less talked terrible flaw in affiliate marketing



There is a simple research somewhere out there on why affiliate marketing does not work now. User behavior is he is not going to make any transactions in India or even in USA (at least not yet as of now India as m-commerce is at evolving stage) and affiliate cookie can’t be transferred between devices. Asking users to click on affiliate link when they transfer devices may not help.

Also, Lot of affiliates do not provide promo code or referral which will be easy for conversions.

I have put same questions to top bloggers they do agree it is user behavior. Let me take bluehost example on this.

“You can ask them to click on the link to see the latest discount - Ask them to save your page/link for future and click just before buying to apply the latest discount.”

Reply from Bluehost:


Thank you for reaching out to the Affiliate Department!

They will need to click on the affiliate link again when switching devices to receive credit for those sign ups!

I would be happy to talk about promotional pricing, I will just need your username and any sites you plan to promote on!

Thank you,

Chelsea Rakestraw
Affiliate Department


Most of affliate sells depend on cookies for tracking(Pixel/server).

He/She is right about

They will need to click on the affiliate link again when switching devices to receive credit for those sign ups!

If you click on any aff link from your computer and then you buy from your mobile phone then you’ll not get any commission, because the cookie is saved in your computer.

If the cookie validity is 30 day, then if you buy bluehost from your computer at the end of 30th day, then still you’ll get commission, is it not good flaw in affliate marketing?


Thanks for the reply, Yes it doesn’t transfer cookies across devices. So, I wonder why so many people are running blogs with affiliate marketing?


Because it’s working well for them. They have full control on how to promote it.

If you see bluehost banner ads online then you might not buy it directly, but if other blogger recommended it, then you might buy it easily.

Ads also make your site layout terrible sometimes, but affliate links doesn’t.

And in reality most of ads at the end, promoting some kind of affliate product, then why not do it directly?

You can see same banner ads multiple time, but blogger can promote same thing differently with their single affliate link.

I know they are so many terrible thing in affliate marketing(like fake lead), but I do not see same terrible flaw as you see.